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(Publicaciones (selección))
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Campos de investigación: Geologie, Mineralogie



Institut für Angewandte Geowissenschaften
Technische Universität Berlin
Sekr. ACK 9
Ackerstr. 71-76
D-13355 Berlin

Tel: 030-314-72220
Fax: 030-314-72218


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  • Lucassen, F., Wiedicke, M. Franz, G. (in press) Complete recycling of a magmatic arc– evidence from chemical and isotopic composition of Quaternary trench sediments in Chile (36° - 40°S). Intern J Geol
  • Vásquez, P., Franz, G., Glodny, J., Romer, R.L., Gerdes, A. (in press) Origin of fayalite granitoids: new insights from the Cobquecura pluton, Chile, and its metapelitic xenoliths. Lithos
  • Vasquez Illanes P., Franz G. (2008) The Cobquecura Pluton (Triassic, Central Chile), an example of a fayalite-bearing A-Type granitoid massif at a continental margin. Tectonophysics 459:66-84
  • F. Lucassen, W. Kramer, V. Bartsch, H.-G. Wilke, G. Franz, R. Romer, P. Dulski (2006) Crustal growth in continental magmatic arcs: juvenile magmatism of the large Mesozoic igneous province of northern Chile (18-27°S). Contributions Mineralogy Petrology 152:571-589



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