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Fraya Frehse (1971) is professor of Sociology at Universidade de São Paulo (USP) (as of 2006). She has a BA (1996) and a teaching diploma (2001) in social sciences (sociology, anthropology and political science) from this University, where she also made her MA (1999) and her PhD (2005) in social anthropology, after spending eight months as a visiting student at the Centre for Brazilian Studies of the University of Oxford (2002-2003). She accomplished a postdoctoral research in urban sociology at Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2010) with a fellowship by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. At USP she coordinates the Núcleo de Estudos e Pesquisas em Sociologia do Espaço [Sociology of Space Research and Studies Centre]. She is also a researcher of the Núcleo de Apoio à Pesquisa São Paulo: Cidade, Espaço, Memória [Research Support Centre São Paulo: City, Space, Memory] at USP. She was the representative of the departments of Sociology and Anthropology of Universidade de São Paulo at the Conselho de Defesa do Patrimônio Histórico, Arqueológico, Artístico e Turístico do Estado de São Paulo [Council for the Protection of Historical, Archaeological, Artistic and Touristic Heritage of the State of São Paulo] (CONDEPHAAT) in 2008-2009. Her areas of expertise are anthropology and sociology in their interfaces with history, with emphasis on urban studies. She mainly does research on the following topics: everyday life and history in and through (urban) space; space as an object of sociological knowledge; city, metropolis and modernity in Brazil; uses and representations of urban public spaces (mainly streets and squares); image (especially the visual culture of the streets) in Brazil; city of São Paulo (history). She is the author of "Ô da Rua! O Transeunte e o Advento da Modernidade em São Paulo" [Hey You from the Street! The Passer-By and the Onset of Modernity in São Paulo] (Edusp, 2011), and of "O Tempo das Ruas na São Paulo de Fins do Império" [Times of the Street in São Paulo at the End of the Empire] (Edusp, 2005), and co-edited the book "Militão Augusto de Azevedo" (CosacNaify, in print/2012) and the anthology "Roger Bastide. Impressões do Brasil" [Roger Bastide. Impressions of Brazil] (Imprensa Oficial, 2011). Besides articles published in Brazilian, French and German peer-reviewed journals, she recently edited the dossiers "Urban Studies in/on Latin America in the 21st Century: Current State of Play and Future Perspectives" (Iberoamericana, 45, 2012), “O espaço na vida social” (Revista Estudos Avançados, vol. 27, nr. 79, 2013), and “As ciências sociais e o espaço” (Tempo Social. Revista do Departamento de Sociologia da USP, vol. 25, nr. 2, 2013). Moreover Frehse has contributions in books published in Brazil, Germany, Portugal, Mexico and in the USA.