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Fachgebiete: Entwicklungspolitik, Geographie



Associate Professor
Director Community-based Research Laboratory
University of Victoria
Department of Geography
V8W 3P5 Victoria BC

PO Box: 3050, STN CSC

Tel: 1 250 472 4537
Fax: 1 250 721 6216
Web: und



Thematische Schwerpunkte

Entwicklungspolitik, Nachhaltige lokale Entwicklung, Armutsbekämpfung, Recycling, Food security, Ressourcennutzung und Ressourcenschutz

Geographische Schwerpunkte

Südamerika, insbesondere Brasilien

Geburtsdatum, -ort

17.08.1958, Langen

Beruflicher Werdegang

1979-82 Studium (Biologie), Universidade Estadual de São Paulo, Brasilien; 1986-90 Dissertation, U Tübingen; 1990-92 beigeordn. Sachverst. der FAO Rom, Quito/Ekuador; 1992-94 Wiss. Ass. U Tübingen, Projektkoordinatorin im GISLA (Pantanal-Projekt); 1996-2000 Lecturer University of Newcastle, Australien, 2001-2007 Assistant Professor University of Victoria, Kanada. Ab 2007 Associate Professor in Geographie an der University of Victoria, Kanada. Seit 1992 vielfache Forschungsaufenthalte in Brasilien und anderen Ländern Lateinamerikas (Kuba, Argentinien, Ekuador, etc.).

Mitglied in wissenschaftlichen Vereinigungen

LASA (Latin American Study Association), CAG (Canadian Association for Geographers), BCICS (BC Institute for Co-operative Studies) Advisory Board, LARG (Latin American Research Group).

Gesprochene Sprachen

Portugiesisch, Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch

Gelesene Sprachen

Portugiesisch, Spanisch, Englisch, Französisch, Italienisch


Sozial und Wirtschaftsgeographie, Geographie der Entwicklungsländer, Qualitative Forschungsmethoden, Regionalgeographie Lateinamerika.

Betreute Arbeiten

Bruno Jayme (PhD Interdisciplinary) (2009-) 'Understanding how knowledge mobilization mediates poverty alleviation in Brazilian recycling co-operatives'.

Megan King (MA Geography) (2009-) 'Cooperative Recycling and Climate Change Mitigation' (Stipendium LACREG).

Eric Binion (MA Geography)(2009-) 'Occupational Health Risks and Informal Recycling in Buenos Aires, Argentina '

Neil Nunn (MA Geography) (2008-) 'Analysing the experiences of marginalized female recyclers in São Paulo Brazil: Empowerment through inclusion'. (Stipendium LACREG).

Crystal Tremblay (PhD Geography) (2008-) 'Using participatory video for empowerment and communication in São Paulo, Brazil: experiences from community recycling initiatives'. (Stipendium: SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship).

Nandan Kumar (Post-doc Geography) (2008-2009) 'Co-management in extractive marine protected areas'. (Stipendium: MITACS).

Gillian Angrove (Honours Geography) (2007-2009) 'Recovering and redirecting food waste in Victoria'.

Julian Yates (MA Geography) (2007-) 'Recovering organic waste for community gardening in Diadema, Brazil'.

Clecio Varjão (MA Computer Science) (2007-) (Co-Supervision with Prof. Alex Thomo). ‘Design and implementation of information system to assist in the collective commercialization of recycling cooperatives in Brazil’ (Stipendium: CIDA-UPCD).

Robert Wise (MA Visual Arts) (2006-) (Co-Supervision with Prof. Daniel Laskarin). ‘Addressing social needs of sex trade workers in Victoria and placing designed amenities where they are most needed’.

Emma Taylor (MA Geography) (2005-) Thesis title: ‘Community-based recycling strategies for the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island’.

Crystal Tremblay (MA Geography) (2004-2007), Thesis title: ‘Community-based recycling initiatives in Vancouver’. (UVIC Graduate Tuition Fellowship, SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship).

Anne Catherine Bajard (MA Geography) (2005-2009) Thesis title: ‘The indigenous peoples of South America: A transnational movement that challenges the Ste System? Perceptions and strategies of the indigenous movement of the Amazon basin: focus on Bolivia’

Clint Abbott (MA Geography) (Co-Supervison with Prof. Ana Maria Peredo 2003-2004) Thesis Title: ‘Exploring Energy Poverty Perspectives in Senegal: the applicability of scenarios'.

Carey Jerning (Honours Geography) (2004-2005) Thesis title: ‘The Pinochet dictatorship and the loss of sense of place: Findings from the truth commission and perceptions of survivors’.

Angela Hunter (Honours Geography) (2003-2004). Thesis title: ‘Slum upgrading: improving quality of life while building a neighborhood’.

Adelle Gatzky (Honours Geography) (2003-2004) Thesis title: ‘Human security, dams and indigenous people: damming their fate?’.

Laufende Forschungsprojekte

2010-2012 'Policy and Outreach for Re-Shaping Waste into Resources'. SSHRC Knowledge Mobilization Fund (Principal Investigator).

2005-2011 'Participatory Sustainable Waste Management'. Drittmittel: CIDA - UPCD Program – Tier 2 (Principal Investigator).

2009-2010 'Street Stories of homeless people in Victoria, BC'. Drittmittel: Vancity Community Project Grant (Co-applicant).

2008-2009 'The MOTHERS Pilot Project: Social enterprise and Binners in Victoria’s street-affected community' Collaboration with The Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group (VIPIRG), Committee to End Homelessness and other partners. Drittmittel: Vancity Community Project Grant (Co-applicant).

2007-2009 'Participatory rapid appraisal of the fishing communities in Arraial do Cabo'. Drittmittel: Petrobrás Ambiental. Collaborative research program: “Socio-environmental management of the Marine Extractive Reserve in Arraial do Cabo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil' (Co-applicant).

2008-2009 'Resource recovery: a socio-economic and environmental paradigm: An engaging and educational capacity building production on inclusive waste management initiatives'. Drittmittel: IDRC (Principal Investigator).

Koop. mit ibero-amerikanischen Institutionen

Faculdade de Educação da Universidade de São Paulo (USP)

Beratungstätigkeit/Arbeit in Gremien

Gutachtertätigkeit zu Entwicklungsprojekten der GTZ. Verschiedene Gremien an der Universität Victoria.

Publikationen (Auswahl)


  • Recycling Citizenship, recovering resources: Urban poverty reduction in Latin America Ashgate, Aldershot, 163 S. 2008
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  • Participatory Video Practitioners Toolkit (Video Documentary – English/Portugues). Accessed at: (zus. mit Tremblay, C. & Searl R.). 2010
  • </nowiki>Beyond Gramacho (Video Documentary - English) (zus. mit Tremblay, C. & Searl R.). 2009</nowiki>
  • Alem de Gramacho (Video Documentary - Portuguese) (zus. mit Tremblay, C. & Searl R.). 2009
  • Binning through Victoria: experiences with participatory video (zus. mit Tremblay, C.) (Video Documentary - English). 2009</nowiki>

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